Geoloqi Testing for APRS

Been playing around with Geoloqi on my Blackerry for a little over a month now. Actually there is not an actual Geoloqi BB app just yet so it works via Instamapper (which I already had an active Instamapper account) and have an APRS SSID of N4TRQ-1 assigned. Though this only shows up Twitter via an APRS to Twitter script written by KD8BXP. But also brainstorming on how this location data could be sent into the APRS-IS network.
APRS.FI recently set up Google Latitude to work so that it can post Latitude location data into the APRS-IS network so that a device using Latitude can be seen on the APRS map. My SSID N4TRQ-2 is Latitude on my BB, so I kind of sort of have a psuedo BB APRS app (location only) via Latitude. I wanted to test the Geoloqi embed code so hopefully the map is displaying correctly below….

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More updates about this to follow later….


4 thoughts on “Geoloqi Testing for APRS

    1. Upon further reading I found that WordPress does not allow for security reasons, so the Geoloqi map that was attempted to be shown here is only display when clicking the link in the original post.

  1. It appears my comment was even altered by! What I meant to say was “script tags” but I had included the “less than” and “greater than” signs which it removed.

    I’m not sure if will let me put an image in a comment, but I’ll try it below:

    If that didn’t work, you can embed a static image in a post or in your sidebar, which WordPress shouldn’t have a problem with. I’m also sending you a follow-up email with the code to use.


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