Motorola Xoom and APRS BB Project

Here at work my boss got a demo Motorola Xoom for us to play with for a few weeks. Have never really messed with any of the tablet devices until now. Of course while I have the unit wanted to play with some of the Android Amateur Radio apps (some of which of course not available for the Blackberry). Currently have Echolink installed and just now installed the APRSdroid app and playing around with it now (using SSID N4TRQ-10 for this testing) and also wanted to get some ideas for a BB APRS app which currently there really is not one. There are a few works in progress but nothing widely used yet. So while I have use of the Xoom and the ability (time permitting) to try some of these apps to get some ideas. Unfortunately along with being short on open TDM slots due to demands of work (working two jobs currently); and many things (mostly unplanned) happening in my personal life and now recently had my apartment broken into and my primary laptop stolen which had all my Blackberry Development e-books as well as the development environment my “project” is currently on hold, but not dead. Ideas always burning in the grey matter (and need to stop and write a lot of these down before I have a buffer overflow error). But having this small window of opportunity to play with the Xoom and a tablet platform in general is definitely a help in my thinking as well as planning. I hope that over time there will be more posted here about my thoughts on this “project” as well as my progress in learning how to develop and try not to get too far behind because things are moving faster and faster technology wise, and seems liek as soon as you buy what you think is the “latest and greatest” and get home and get it out of the box it is already obsolete and being replaced by something bigges, better, and faster.
These added demands of my time (and money) also making it a little challenging to enjoy the hobby (as well as other interests) as much as I would like, so this is also fueling other ideas which I hope to see come into fruition. More on this later…..


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