Motorola Xoom

Well, my turn with the demo Xoom finally came to end earlier this week. It was fun to get to use (and even more difficult to give up) as I used it in place of the pulling out the laptop. Did not get to play with as many of the Amatuer Radio apps for Android as I would have liked but got to play with a few and also get some additional ideas for some of my pending projects (when I have/get the time and money to “Play” – Hey, we adults can have toys too and we have a right to get to play just like the kids do; and they want to grow up so fast). But I did see some good potential applications for a tablet in a mobile/portable Amateur Radio station just not enough time to try it and test it out. Hope to do a little more research and brainstorming about this when TDM slots become available and provide updates here as well.

Until then…73s


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