APRS Blog Entry 6-10-2011

Well, Harborfest has officially started, heard the cannon fire and the jet flyover. Got a CDM1550-LS+ scanning all of the festival channels, got the scanner on City of Norfolk trunked system, work HT on Orion (and work channels), and DV-Dongle on REF001C. Doing some serious TDM listening! 🙂 Short on volunteers at the moment so not able to get out and walk around the festival area yet. (oh, and got the local Norfolk 2M rptrs on scan on another HT too) Hope everyone has a good day! 73s +++ Below automatically added by APRSLink +++

Last reported position: 3650.80N 07617.51W Grid: FM16UU.
See map at: http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?call=N4TRQ-15

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