As is always the case with both work as Electronics Technician and in the Amateur Radio hobby, I am always learning (and wanting to learn) something new. With the Part Time job, I got to play around some and see MotoMESH and with the coming months probably get more involved with this now that the MESH has been fully deployed and operation. Now yesterday I learned that Amateur Radio has something similar called HSMM (High Speed Multimedia) and found that it is also called Hinternet (Ham Internet). I saw the term HSMM being used in several tweets from fellow Amateur Radio operators and did a quick Google Search and found this site: I was also referred to this site: for additional information by KD8BXP. So now to do some reading during spare TDM slots and curious if anyone here locally is or has done anything with HSMM. Hopefully will have more about this is later posts. Until then…73s!


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