Remote Access to DV Dongle Update 7-7-2011

Good Morning! Posting another update to my remote access to DV Dongle project. Last night performed a real world test out in the wild to see how well my setup functioned. I connected to my desktop using my Verizon Wireless card on the laptop from my part time job which is kind of a not quite worse case but not best connectivity so if it worked here then it should work most everywhere else. I have very good signal (most of the time) but the throughput is slow as compared to when in other locations. I connected up VNC & Skype and just monitored active QSO’s on K8BIG which is also stays connected to REF001C. Had no problems with with any noticeable latency between watching the activity on the DV DOngle window and the audio acroos Skype. When the traffic slowed down I jumped in and had a quick QSO with KD8BXP and had no issues at all having an active QSO. Out of habit I did pause about 2 seconds from the time I pressed the PTT and actually began talking. He did also record our QSO (and it is also archived on my RR Feed) which I listened to this morning and everything was sounding good. There was a bried moment of flutter in the QSO but nothing major. So I consider this a success and now do not have to carry my DV Dongle around everywhere but can listen only via BB Scanner on the Blackbery through my RR Feed or if I do want to jump in and have an actual QSO I can log in to VNC and dial up Skype (which I do have set to auto answer, which I have found I guess causes that end to automatically call me back if the call drops) and carry on a QSO just as is if I were sitting there at home in front of the desktop. (I think I may have a work around for the Blackberry to do the same thing but want to see if the app I am thinking about does what I think I remember it does, more on this later) It was suggested that I make a video of my setup and show it in operation so will hopefully put something together here soon.
Now on to looking into and reaseraching the other numerous projects swirling around in my head. Until then….73s!


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