Working ISS via APRS from HT while mobile

The following day after hearing the ISS via APRS from just my HT during a 71 degree pass, I saw that today (7-15) there was going to be a 53 degree pass, not as good but I was going to use the HT in the work truck through the amp and glass mount antenna. At the same time while I was doing this KD8BXP was also attempting to work the ISS via APRS from his QTH. The pass was much better at his QTH. I set my path at ARISS, SGATE, WIDE as suggested from the site at I made a video of this pass using my BB. My BB had trouble focusing on the HT this close but you can hear and see the packets being decoded. As will be seen during the video that I was able to successfully get my position sent through the ISS and also received a msg sent by KD8BXP through the ISS. Below are photos that I took of the received message from KD8BXP as well as a screencap photo of my station appearing on the site listing stations heard by the ISS.

There is another pass this afternoon at about 59 degrees and another tomorrow morning at 60 degrees, so time permitting I will try to work the ISS again seeing if I can get my position as well as a message through the ISS. And hopefully can make a better video also. Until next time…73s!


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