APRS ISS Pass on 7-24-11

There have been about three “workable” passes this weekend. There was a 39 degree EL pass yesterday afternoon, unfortunately I was still mobile and not at the location that I had planned to be during that pass but I did stop and at least I was able to receive the pass but not able to work it from the location that I had stopped.
There was an early morning pass that I missed by a few minutes but KD8BXP did send me a message during that pass and even though I did not have the HT on I did receive the message via Twitter.
Early this afternoon he and I worked the pass which was an 89 degree EL pass for me and I believe a 53 or 54 degree pass for him. This was a very good pass, much traffic on this pass and I was able to receive KD8BXP’s status message and he received my message that I sent to him. So we are calling this a two way QSO via APRS on the ISS. I wanted to also try to send an APRS status message through 73s but was not sure if my message to KD8BXP had made it through so held off on trying to send an second message. Below in the link to the video of this pass:


Now wishing there was an APRS radio that could run dual data bands simultaneously that would allow to have one band on the local APRS traffic and the other on the APRS SAT/ISS frequencies and be able to act a SAT Gateway if desired.
Well, that is all for now, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend…until next time…73s!

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