Test Blog Post from Winlink Webmail

I was testing to be sure that I could still make blog entries via APRS through Winlink but it has been failing so I am now testing to see if I can make a blog post directly from the Winlink Webmail because of messages sent via APRS are returning an error today, so just trying to determine at what point my messages are failing.

3 thoughts on “Test Blog Post from Winlink Webmail

  1. Hi Arthur, did you figure this one out? I’ve been tryign to post to my blog via Winlink but haven’t been able to get it to work! No problem posting via “regular” email. Thanks for any info you have! behang at gmail dot com

    1. Sorry for my slow reply but yes I did and have it working where I can make my blog posts via APRS. I will make a post later about what I did if you are still having problems getting it to work. 73s!

  2. Hey Arthur, thanks so much for letting me know. I worked out that I can post *IF* there is no attached image file. Which… is what I wanted to do! I can only post with plain text. Are you using any images? thanks Arthur! 73s!

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