Heard ARISSat-1 during ISS Pass

Well, the last two ISS passes at 12:56 AM EST and again at 7:24 AM EST were both silent passes on APRS. But just for grins and giggles since I have been seeing so much activity on the AMSAT-BB Sig group about ARISSat (and I did attempt to watch the deployment online between demands of work) I dialed up the 145.950 freq on the HT as well. During the 12:56 AM pass all was quiet, but during the 7:24 AM pass while waiting and listening for APRS from the ISS I heard the recorded voice messages from ARISSat-1. The signal was fading in and out but was good copy most of the pass. Also heard some telemetry data which I was not sure what it was before the recording cycled again. So looking at the tracking on http://www.n2yo.com I see the ARISSat-1 and the ISS are running pretty much the same track/path, only that ARISSat is running a few minutes ahead of the ISS. So got two very good near overhead passes on Sunday, one in the morning and again late that night, so I have them both set as alerts and will see if I can pick it up again during these next two passes. And do a little more reading to see what the telemetry I heard and if this is the data being fed to the website showing the ARISSat health/status.

Until next time….73s!


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