After making yesterday’s post about receiving a signal from ARISSat-1 and the telemetry like tones that I was hearing I did some reading on the AMSAT page as well as checking out some YouTube videos from other operators who received signals from ARISSat-1 I saw that the tones are SSTV. Even watched one video where the operator was showing receiving the SSTV images. He had a very simple setup with just his HT & laptop. (unfortunately I am making this post from my BlackBerry so don’t have the link to the video but will post it later) So with two good ISS & ARISSat-1 passes tomorrow I am going to try that similar setup and see if I can’t pull down an image too and hoping APRS will be active on the ISS during one or both of these of these passes. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as well as many good and interesting QSO’s. Until next time….73s!


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