YouTube Video of KG6ZFI receiving ARISSat-1

As mentioned in a previous post there was a YouTube video that I saw of KG6ZFI listening to ARISSat-1 passing over his QTH and decoding the SSTV signal. Here is the link to that video:

When I saw the simple setup that he had for receiving SSTV and the program he was using, (and now know that what I was “hearing” is SSTV) I decided to give it a try and see if I could get a couple of images from ARISSat-1. I played around with the software some late last night with the test SSTV audio clips that you can download from the same site and see that I need to figure out/learn how to get the synchronization correct because all the test images I tried I either got all slanted images or if I was able to tweak it enough to see the image it was not very clear, a lot of “ghosting” in the image. But in spite of this I still made an attempt on this mornings pass. My setup did attempt to work as I was able to get one slanted image. By the time the next SSTV interval came around the signal was fading too much to get anything. Also the laptop that I chose to use I found, won’t allow me to listening to the microphone audio through the speaker. So need to make some changes here as well. I have never messed with SSTV until now, though a friend of mine, N1LMR has expressed interest in SSTV awhile back so may need to see if he still has this “itch”. So I will keep playing around with this until I drill down and learn how to get the images/soundcard in sync for good reception.

This is the program that was used by KG6ZFI that I am trying to use:

Well, that is all for now…so until next time…73s!


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