Worked ISS from (repaired) D700

Well, finally took my dead D700 into the Kenwood Repair Depot (which I am fortunate is local here in Va. Beach) to get repaired. I held off fearing it was a cracked board (or worse) since the unit had been dropped. So I did the usual visual inspections for hair line cracks or fractured solder joints but none were found or at least visually evident. The was the extent of my troubleshooting, I intended to do more but the current work load between both the full time and part time jobs made that a bit challenging. But fortunately it was only a defective 9.6 volt regulator that was damaged and only cost $88 to repair. Yes, I say only as I was expecting much worse. So now I am back online via my D700. Didn’t realize how long that I had been without it as it took me a little while to remember how to reprogram it and get it all set back up for APRS.

I was planning on working the ISS pass last night but ended up working later than originally planned and missed that one but there was another very good (high) pass this afternoon and worked the ISS using the D700. Worked very well and got two messages from other operators. (AB1OD & W8KRF). Just was not able to type back a reply message fast enough via the microphone keypad. I have worked the ISS via my HT and a laptop running APRS+SA before and it was much easier to type replies/messages. Now that I have my D700 back I am brainstorming on some ideas. (more on this later) I still need to come up with a good way to keep a log of stations I receive messages from as well as successfully sent messages to other operators. I am wanting something (a log) that I can update while mobile as well as a way of verifying that my messages was actually received and digi’ed by the ISS. Hopefully on the next good pass I will attempt to send messages back to the above operators, thus why I am wanting some sort of log of rx’ed and ACK’ed messages.
That is all I have for now, so until next time….73s!

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