Mototrbo Application Development

First off, I see that the photo that was uploaded on the previous post was formatted/displayed weird, but if you click on the “partial” photo it will display the photo correctly. First time I have added a photo to a post sent via my Blackberry.
Took a few moments this afternoon to do a little searching on app development for the Mototrbo radios and I did find a Mototrbo Application Development Kit Overview pdf document on Motorola’s Mototrbo Application Development Program site:

I already have a Motorola Online access so I can use my current login to at least access this level, but I found I would have to register as a business & developer to get more access to the tools and info at least from my quick looking around. Will do some digging through the site and the things I can get access to with my current login credentials. I am also hoping to get access to the Mototrbo CPS Developer version to see what all it has compared to the normal CPS. The link for the Application Development Kit Overview document is at:

As I dig a little deeper and learn more I will post updates.

Until next time….73s!


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