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2nd Attempt at an APRS Blog Post via ISS

Well, after a successful short APRS Blog Post sent via the ISS using my D700 a few days ago I wanted to make a 2nd attempt today during this afternoon’s 1:11 PM pass. Today I had my D7 but duplicated the same steps I did before, only real difference (other than radio) is that it was going to be 4 messages sent to the ISS instead of three as with the D700. Today’s pass was about 10 degrees higher than the previous one where I was able to make the successful post, so I figured my odds of success had to be better. (but then I haven’t won the lottery yet either lol)

Unfortunately, I was not as successful as before, BUT after the pass I did discover that part of my message had actually gotten through and also realized that I cannot start a message with “A” as I see that is the Alias command to WLNK. So my message was not seen as a message but as a command to set an alias. So I wonder had the first (SP) command been received would the next line of the message still been seen at a command to set an alias? Either way this  2nd attempt was not successful but there will be plenty more opportunities to try as well as experiment….just wish there was more available TDM slots in the day.

Until next time….73s!


Narrowbanding: The Tech Side

Narrowbanding: The Tech Side

The above document was written by Alfred T Yerger II on January 10, 2010 and wanted to share it here for those of us who work on and at sites on a fairly regular basis as well as for those looking to build something new at an existing or new site. This document really was written with regards to there being seen a slight degradation is receive sensitivity after migrating to narrowband. I myself have not seen this in my personal experience, but this may be due to the original system design. But now also have some additional info and data to do a more detailed look at things with the pending addition of new equipment on the horizon if things go as planned.