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Digital Radio Protocols

I know it has been many clock cycles since I last made a post here but hoping to have more to post here during the next couple of months as I endeavor to get a better understanding of the different digital radio formats and protocols being used, especially the ones I am having to work with on a daily basis.
Here later with the influx of many projects at both my real job and part time job I am having to get an understanding, in addition to Astro 25 I now have to learn and understand Motorrbo. And since I have always had an interest in D-Star I figure I would include this also. I am also having to understand Digital Spread Spectrum now as we’ll, which should be interesting just from how Spread Spectrum propagates from the preliminary info I was given.
So this will be the first of what I hope will be an informative ride into digital radio and get a good and better understanding for myself as well. There are some things I am hoping and wanting to do and hoping as I gain a better understanding I can see if what am I am wanting to do is already inherent within the protocol. One I already know exists in both Astro25 and Mototrbo and interested in getting a better understanding is OTAP (Over the Air Programming) which would make updates less labor intensive once setup.
So, as I gather up the info there will be more posts here along with photos where possible. Until next time….73s!