APRS Blog Entry 8-2-11

Both yesterday morning & this morning’s ISS passes have been silent on APRS. My guess just due to the testing/preparation for the release of the new satellite tomorrow. Because of time constraints I was going to try to work yesterday morning’s pass from just the HT alone but APRS not active. So will have to save this attempt for another good and active pass. I have started keeping a log of my ISS APRS activity on my 140plus site. The address is http://n4trqjedi.140plus.com It is just some way for me to keep an simple log, may do something different with it later. Well, that is all for now…until next time….73s! +++ Below automatically added by APRSLink +++

Last reported position: 3650.39N 07612.72W Grid: FM16VU.
See map at: http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?call=N4TRQ-15


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