Good Afternoon 11-5-2011

Good Afternoon! Just wanted to pop in real quick before I begin work here at the part time job and hope that everyone has a good weekend and enjoys many good and interesting QSO’s! Today going to be playing around more with MotoMESH, definitely been a learning process in understanding all the many layers to the infrastructure and the clients and how they all interact and communicate with each other, as well as critical system parameters that if not set correctly can create a cascade failure through the network and have you chasing your tail trying to find the failure(s). I hope to make a blog entry soon about MotoMESH and the things that I have learned and understand about it so far and want to compare it to HSMM which I am also wanting to learn more about. I am sure there are similarities as well as differences between the two MESH infrastructures. I am learning and finding out the differences just within the MESH infrastructure itself and see that I have been incorrectly using terms. But it is all a continuous learning experience. Just wish I had a positronic brain that could process all this info at a much faster rate! Need More Input!

Until next time….73s!


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