APRS ISS Pass on 7-19-2011

Just now having an open TDM slot to add to the previous entry with the videos that I made of the two passes that I worked on 7-19-2011. The first video is still a little out of focus, I again recorded using my Blackberry but the recordings of the second pass is better as I used my digital camera.




I have since tried to work the 74 degree pass on 7-21-2011 and the 71 degree pass on 7-22-2011. The 7/21 pass was an afternoon pass and went by very quickly and was not able to successful get a message or posit packet in. The 7/22 pass was an early morning pass and was a very good pass and was able to get two messages and a posit packet in during that pass. There was a third message sent but not sure if it made before the ISS went down out of line of sight of my QTH. I also have been updating the ISS APRS Status on the www.issfanclub.com site. Tomorrow (7/24) afternoon at 13:34 PM EST there is an 88 degree pass that I plan to try and work. Until my next update hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has many good QSO’s! – 73s


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