Brainstorming Ideas – Remote Access of DV Dongle

Now that I finally got the desktop that my brother gave me set up and got one of my Radio Reference feeds moved from the IBM laptop over to it and got back set up as a dual (split) feed, I began brainstorming the other night about the DV Dongle. Currently I just carry around with me to and from work and my part time job. Since I do not own (yet) a D-Star radio I began wondering how difficult and feasible would it be to install the DV Dongle on the desktop and then be able to remote access it and select Repeaters/Reflectors and then be able to listen to the active QSO’s. Now currently I can do this by feeding the audio into my Radio Reference Special Event feed and I currently use RDM+ on my Blackberry and laptop to remote access my computers at home. But I wanted to take this a step further and be able to actually have an actual QSO via remote access. KD8BXP has already tried this using Skype and VNC and demonstrates this on this YouTube video:

I already know that the latency on RDM+ would not work in this application so would have to look at using/trying VNC. Also would be nice if I could find a VNC client that also passes audio both ways but if not can still use/try the Skype idea and see what kind of delays I have using this in the real world. So just one of many ideas running around in my head that I would like to give it a try. Ideally if I can successfully get this working using a laptop while away from home, the next thing I would like to see if I can do this via my Blackberry as well. I know that there is a VNC client for the Blackberry as well as Skype. More on this later…..73s


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