Remote Access of DV Dongle – Update 7-3-2011

Well, after getting my DV Dongle setup and working on the desktop I wanted to get it working on my Radio Reference feed because I wanted to have this to keep my Va Beach Special Event Feed active until the next time this feed will be used for a Special Event. I found that I had to use an USB audio adapter dongle to have a separate audio input source as I learned to my dismay that even though the desktop has two (front & rear) microphone jacks and that they are both listed separately in Windows they are actually the same input. So the USB adapter (that came with a Logitech headset) served this purpose. Once installed then I had to use an audio patch cable to route the receive audio into the microphone input and get the audio levels adjusted. Once this was setup I let it run for awhile to be sure there were no issues before proceeding with the next phase.
Today I created a second Skype account, installed Skype and setup the audio sources to be the USB audio adapter. I then chose to use and test RealVNC as the remote access client/server. I then installed the VNC viewer and Skype on the laptop. Connected VNC and dialed my second account (set for auto answer). I did find that I had to keep the mike on the remote laptop muted unless I was in an active QSO because all the mike audio was being sent directly to the RR feed. With VNC on the just the home network there was no lag at all, which is what I would have expected. I did have a QSO with KD8BXP via K8BIG repeater to test my setup to see how well it worked with a live QSO. The QSO test was successful which I was happy that it worked so well with my first attempt at this. I have been sitting here monitoring other QSO’s on K8BIG & REF001C. My next test will be to try this across the Internet and see how much lag there is with the VNC client and see if I can carry on an active QSO remotely. So I will post another update after I have tested this again via the Internet. Until then….73s and hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend.


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