Remote Access to DV Dongle Update – 7-4-2011

The previous tests that were performed using VNC for remote access were done on the local home network but for access via the Internet I had to go into my router and set up port forwarding to allow VNC to access the desktop from the outside. I have not tested via a laptop yet but did test via VNC+ on my Blackberry to verify that I could access the desktop from the outside. Of course found that VNC+ does not support RealVNC’s encryption scheme and had to use the workaround. And then something came to light that I knew but had forgotten about and that is I can not have an active phone call (in this case via Skype) and still have data connectivity to still be able to use VNC to access and control the DV Dongle PTT. Of course I already knew from my previous tests of VNC+ that I would have to use the PTT lock function as there is no functionality for a click and hold in VNC+. But that is a mute point now since I cannot have a simultaneous call and remote access on the BB. Again, something that I already knew but had forgotten about….but not anymore. So the next test will be from the actual laptop. Until then….73s!


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